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Counter-Strike 1.6 – The genre of the CS 1.6 is a first person shooter, the games also has offline and online modes (singleplayer and multiplayer). Main Counter-Strike games, and the main objective of this is the idea of ​​two teams – the bad guys, this is a terrorist and Good guys this is a police action firearms, it is pistols and guns, grenades and knives. Game map type is determined by the purpose of the – de_ type maps terrorists must mine a certain place, and the police to prevent this disaster (to prevent mine or deactivate already activated explosive) CS_ type maps terrorists must not allow police to rescue hostages, as_ type maps terrorists must shoot VIPs and police protection, and help to achieve a safe zone. Shortly after the Counter-Strike game’s release came the illegal copy of the Counter Strike – It’s called NON-STEAM CS. This version of the games started and this will continue to distribute the Counter Strike 1.6 for fans who want the game to exist for a long time, just this version is to attract those players who can not buy legal versions of the games.

CS 1.6 Game Install features:

* New Steam Update 2015 PatchVersion
* Full HalfLife game include
* Included MasterServer, fully working serverbrowser with favorites
* Protocol 48 newest version
* Emulator REVOLUTiON 9.81
* Fixed bug with sv_lan 0
* In LAN mode added option to launch listen server
* Added zBots in this realase
* Fully working HLTV
* Added more cs maps
* Fast CS 1.6 Download from our website
Ability to install the original version, modifying the game and bots
– Significantly reduced the size of the distribution due to removal of some engine components Half-Life
– Game realase V43, V6, V24, V35, V28 Version of the game has been updated to the latest version of the protocol 48 (build 4554)
– Removed the transparency of the game menu to increase FPS on old computers
– Work Internet bookmarks and Favorites
* Fully working serverbrowser with MasterServer
* Using latest protocol 48
* Using REVOLUTiON Emulator
* Added option to launch listen server in LAN mode
* Included Bots in this release
* Half-Life maps are totally removed
* HLTV included and works
* Ads are removed
* Antislowhack tool included

System Specifications
Central processing unit: Dual primary Intel or AMD processor
Ram memory: 1GB for windows XP, 2GB for windows Vista/7
Graphics: 256 MB graphics card, Nvidia 5 collection or Higher
OS: Windows: XP/Win 7
DirectX compatible sound card
2 GB of hard disk space

Counter-Strike 1.6 Cracked Version Download

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